Tsurunoyu Onsen is one of eight hot-spring baths that belong to Nyutou Onsenkyo which is located near the foot of Nyutou san(1478m). Tsurunoyu Onsen is one of the oldest hot spring resorts of Nyutou Onsenkyo. Tsurunoyu Onsen dates back to 1638 and 1661 when the second lord of Akita Yoshitaka Satake and Iwashiro Kameda visited Tsurunoyu Onsen for therapy respectively. Visitations by the general public began to be recorded during the Genroku era(1688~1704).
    Tsurunoyu Onsen derives its name from the fact that a local hunter saw a crane (“Tsuru” in Japanese) healing its wounds in the spring.


    Tsurunoyu Onsen features four baths, each with water with a different composition.
    You can wear the towels into the mixed-gender type outdoor baths.
    Day trip spa 500 yen From 10AM~15PM
    Day trip spas aren't allowed in the outdoor baths on Mondays.


    Honjin 9,600
    2gokan ~ 3gokan 8,550
    Shin honjin 12,750 ~ 15,900
    Higashi honjin 12,750 ~ 15,900
    Room fees 8,550 yen ~ 15,900 yen Tax Included
    During the winter time, heating fees of 1,050 yen per room are charged.
    Yukata, Towels, Tooth brushes, and rooms are included.


    Local foods such as Sansai (Mountain vegetables) dishes, Tsurunoyu's local specialty Yamanoimo (Japanese Mountain yam) Nabe, and Irori-grilled Iwana (char/trout) are served in Kawautura-nuri ozen.
    Except for the Building No.2 and No.3, meals are served in your own rooms. In rooms with Irori, you can have the meals surrounding Irori.


    YAMANOYADO is a new building located 1 kilometer off Tsurunoyu. It's a wooden building built in a traditional Tohoku style and can withstand heavy snow. All the rooms have baths and toilets (not Onsen) and some of the rooms have Wireless LAN. YAMANOYADO uses water from Tsurunoyu and has the water with the same composition as that of Tsurunoyu. Indoor baths have Men's baths and Women's baths. Outdoor baths can be rented for private use. There are bus services available to use baths in Tsurunoyu for free.


    Room fees 13,800 yen ~ 15,900 yen Tax included
    During the winter time, heating fees of 1,050 yen per room are charged.
    Yukata, Towels, Tooth brushes and rooms are included.
    Payment :Only Visa cards are accepted.


    Dining place “An” has Irori and offers breakfast and differ. Please enjoy Akita sumibiyaki (foods grilled over Japanese oak), Irori-grilled Iwana (char/trout), and Sansai (Mountain Vegetables) dishes. If you are also staying at Tsurunoyu before or after YAMANOYADO, we can offer different menus. Having Jizake (Local sake) around Irori is an enjoyable experience.


    There are wide range of tourism spots you can visit including Tsurunoyu, Nyutou Onsenkyo, Tazawa lake, Kakunodate-Bukeyashiki, Tazawa Lake Ski Resort, Tamagawa Onsen, and Komagatake.


    Take Akita Shinkanse Komachi and get off at JR Tazawako station. There is a bus depot where you can catch regular buses (Ugo-Kotsu, For Nyutou Onsen).
    Please call us in advance to let us know what time do you get on the bus on the day.
    Our cars come to Arupa Komakusa bus stop to pick you up. Nyuto line runs once per hour.
    (Our cars come to only Arupa Komakusa bus stop to pick you up.)


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    Booking : 0187-46-2139 (Hours: 7:00~22:00)
    Address : 50 Kokuyurin Sendatsuizawa Tazawa Aza Senboku-shi Akita-ken
    Booking : 0187-46-2100 (Hours 7:00~22:00)
    Address : 1 Yunotai Sendatsuzawa Tazawa Aza Senboku-shi Akita-ken